With the recent release of Android Messages for web, you can send and receive SMS text messages from your computer.

This is a useful product concept, which is why we’ve been doing exactly this (and more) at MightyText for the past 6 years :)

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about MightyText versus Android Messages, so we thought we’d share some examples of things we have in MightyText that you can’t find in Android Messages :)

1. Better and more convenient ways to text in MightyText:

  • Use our native Windows or Mac desktop apps outside of your browser
  • Text directly from within Gmail in Chrome
  • Send/receive messages using your Android Tablet or from our iPad app (in beta)
  • Reply to text messages directly within Slack

2. See your phone’s notifications on your computer.

3. Search across your messages, contacts, and conversations

4. Schedule messages to send out later

5. *Fast* Customer Support (we usually respond within a few business hours US time)

6. See incoming call and missed call alerts

7. See your phone’s battery level on your computer/tablet (and warn you when it’s low)

8. Use message templates when sending the same message text over and over

9. Save message drafts

10. Send files, web pages, and maps from your computer to your phone

11. Text using email

12. Ring your phone from your computer/tablet, even when your phone’s on silent

13. Make calls on your Android phone from your computer

14. Add a signature to your messages

15. Beautify the user interface with 16 different themes

16. Use the web app on multiple browsers and devices at the same time

Try some of these out in MightyText and compare the experience to Android Messages. We’d love to know what you think, so contact us anytime.