The MightyText referral program lets you earn credits for when you refer new users to MightyText.

Your referral link

Share your own referral link via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can find your referral link in the referrals tab on the Settings page in the MightyText Web App. 

Referral links look just like a link to except they have a special code on the end (so you can get credit).  For example:

Referral Bonus

You qualify for one year of MightyText Pro for free ($89.99 value) once you refer 10 new users.

Users you invite

To qualify for a referral credit, p
eople you refer will need to:
  • Be a brand new MightyText user. If they have already set up a MightyText account previously, that won't count. 
  • Install MightyText by clicking your referral link
Once a user clicks your link, you will get credit if the user signs up any time over next 30 days from that computer, even if they close the browser and come back later.   If they click your referral link on their mobile phone and install MightyText from the Google Play Store, you will get credit after they use the MightyText Web App or Tablet app.

Tracking people that sign up via your Referral

You can see a list of people (with their specific email details partially hidden) under Settings->Referrals in the MightyText Web App

Why did a user I referred not show up in this list?

There are a few possible reasons:
  • The user(s) you referred already had a MightyText account before you referred them
  • The user(s) you referred didn't sign up by clicking your referral link.
  • The referral you made is a duplicate.  A user can only be referred once, by one unique current user.

Redeeming your referrals for MightyText Pro

You will get your first year of MightyText Pro for free once you complete 10 referrals. Just sign up for the annual MightyText Pro option, send us a note via , and we will refund you $89.99 right away for the first year.  (We collect your payment information so that we can process your annual renewal(s) after year one).

NOTE: We make a concerted effort to detect duplicate, fake, or automated accounts, and we won't be able to count referral credits for these.

Please contact us if you have any questions.