Starting October 2021, Android introduced a feature called “App Hibernation” to prevent unused apps from using too much storage and accessing users’ private data on their phones. The problem is that MightyText is not meant to be used on your phone; in fact, it’s meant to help you spend less time on your phone.

Once MightyText is “hibernating” because your Android phone labeled us as an “unused app”, then we will no longer be able to sync your messages.   

To prevent this from happening, please perform the steps below:

  1. Hold down the MightyText phone app icon on your Android phone

       2. Tap App Info


       3. Once in App Info, locate the Permissions section


       4. Make sure that the 'Remove permissions if app isn't used' setting is DISABLED.

       5. Restart your phone

After you complete these steps, send/receive a few messages from MightyText and let us know if you have any issues