Starting late 2021, Android introduced an “Unused Apps” setting to prevent unopened apps from running in the background to save storage and battery power. Since MightyText is not meant to be used on your phone, it is marked as an "unused app" causing the deletion of temporary files to free up space and necessary permissions revoked (SMS, Contacts, Phone, etc). 

Once the phone labels the MightyText app as "unused" and places it in a hibernation state, we will no longer be able to sync your messages to the PC/Tablet. 

To remove MightyText from the hibernation state, please perform the steps below:

1. On your phone's home screen, press and hold the MightyText phone app icon on your home screen.

2. Tap the App Info icon.

3. Tap Permissions

4. Make sure all permissions (Call Logs, Contacts, Notifications, Phone, Photos/Videos, SMS) are ENABLED.

5. Make sure that the 'Remove permissions if app is unused' setting is DISABLED (this prevents MightyText from being marked as an "unused app" in the future)

6. Return to your phone's home screen and launch the MightyText app. 

7. From the overview (3-dot icon) menu, tap Unlink Phone and complete the setup process again with your Google account.

After you complete these steps, send/receive a few messages from MightyText and let us know if you have any issues.