With Phone Notification Syncing you can view, manage, and dismiss your phone's notifications directly from your computer.

Notifications can be viewed on your computer in two different ways:  Live Phone Notification View  or Individual Notification Push

Live Phone Notifications

On your computer, you can see all of your phone's current notifications in real-time, and dismiss or save them directly from your computer. 

All of the notifications currently on your phone will show and the notification list will update on your computer in real-time as notifications come in on your phone. If you want to keep this view open, Live View can be opened in its own standalone window.

To access Live Phone Notifications:

In the MightyText Web App, go to Phone > App Notifications.

In the MightyText Chrome Extension, click the M icon in the Chrome toolbar and select Live Phone View.

In the MightyText Desktop App, select Live Phone Notifications from the MightyText icon in the dropdown menu.

Note: Live Phone Notifications is a MightyText Pro feature. Non Pro users can try out Live Phone Notifications a few times per day to check it out. 

Individual Notification Push

Whenever a notification hits your phone, it gets pushed to your computer in real-time

From here, you can dismiss the notification or save the notification content for future reference.

You can also block all future notifications from this app or save all future notifications from this app directly in the alert rendered on your computer.

Enabling Phone Notification Syncing

Phone Notification Syncing requires Android OS 5.0+ and needs to be enabled on your phone.

Follow these steps to set up Phone Notification Syncing on your phone.