(This feature is only available in MightyText Pro)

Want certain people to get hold of you urgently while your ringer is on silent?

With Priority Ringer, you can share your "alert keyword" with people you trust. When your alert keyword is included in a text message, your phone will ring -- even if your phone is on silent.

Here’s how to enable this feature:

  1. Go to the MightyText Phone app and tap the overflow button (triple dot icon). From there, tap Settings.

  1. Scroll down to the Priority Ringer section and tap the checkbox next to Enable Priority Ringer


  1. Then tap Alert Keyword

  1. Type in what you want the exact message to be. NOTE: By default, MightyText generates a random "Alert Keyword" for you ("#MIGHTYRINGER" in example above). However, you can override the keyword to something more specific to you. Such as: 

  1. Once you've decided on what you want your Alert Keyword to be, Tap OK

  2. Let trusted people know your "alert keyword”. When they text you the “alert keyword” as part of an SMS text message, your phone will ring and pop up a dialog message - even if your phone is on silent.

NOTE: You now have the option to edit and share your "Alert Keyword" in our web app. Navigate to Settings > General > Priority Ringer: