(This feature is only available in MightyText Pro)

When composing a new message or reply, have you ever wanted to save what you typed so that you can send it later?  We built drafts in MightyText to do just that.

Saving a Draft

To save a draft, just start typing a message in a new message window or a thread response.  You’ll notice the drafts icon becomes clickable once you have added content to the message.

Click on the drafts button to save a draft.

Sending a Draft

To send a previously saved draft, just click on the icon displaying the number of saved drafts for that thread in the messages response area, and a list of your saved drafts for that contact shows up:

Choose the draft you want to send, and it will be added to the response area where you can either edit or send.

You can also access your drafts for all contacts and send them using the drafts pane in either the web app or tablet app.

To load this pane in the web app, click the Message Type Selector in the Messages Tab, then choose Drafts.  In the tablet app, tap Settings and then Drafts. Click on any draft in the drafts pane to launch a new message window with that draft's content.