(This feature is only available in MightyText Pro)

If you find yourself always sending messages to the same people over and over, you'll really like our Contact Lists feature.  Contact Lists allow you to send a message to multiple recipients by typing just the contact list name.

Creating a Contact List

To create a Contact List, just navigate to Contacts > Contact Lists in the MightyText Web App or Settings > Contact Lists in the MightyText Tablet app. 

On the Contact Lists page, you will see a button to create a new list.  You can edit the List name, add contacts, remove contacts, and send a new message to all participants in your list.  You can add both phone numbers and contact names to a Contact List.

Sending a Message to a Contact List 

Now that you've created a Contact List, you can type the name of that Contact List when composing a new message, which will automatically add those recipients to the "To:" field: