With MightyText's Phone Gallery Manager you can manage all the photos & videos stored on your phone, and quickly free up space.

Phone Gallery Manager is a live view of your phone's media gallery.  You'll see all of the photos and videos stored on your phone, regardless of whether you captured them on your phone or received them via messaging apps like WhatsApp.

If a photo or video was taking using an app like Instagram or SnapChat, we'll denote that in the gallery:  

We also display a breakdown of your device's storage, showing you how much space your apps, photos, and videos are using, and how much free space you have left.

Find out that you need to clear some space for new apps, photos, and videos?  Not a problem.  Just select as many photos and videos as you'd like, then click the "Delete items from phone" button.  This will delete these items only on your phone.   As soon as the items are deleted, the amount of space available on the device will update


NOTE: If you've also enabled MightyText's Photos/Videos sync, and the photos you're deleting were sync'd to MightyText previously, you will still have a copy of these items on MightyText.